In addition to our extruded line of aluminum Tbars the Simply Products Company has introduced our Fabface Tbars which will allow a short run requirement of any depth Tbar to be fabricated to fit your requirements. Turn time for the Fabface products typically runs 1 – 2 weeks to ship and you can design any depth or configuration to suit your purpose. From 1 piece to 100 pieces and in pour depths from 1” to 10” Simply Products can fabricate your Tbar how you need it and when you need it! We also fabricate a full line of galvanized deck flashings including wall base, door pockets, inside / outside corners, combination pockets, endams, drip edge, scuppers, counter flashings, Simply Products Tbuckets and other products required by your architect to complete the deck installation.

Aluminum concrete T-bar is a non-ferrous extrusion and that means no ugly rust stains. The Tbar becomes an integral form for the deck and gives the balcony a more finished look. Formed aluminum or steel flashing will not join as cleanly or effectively and, in most cases, is not as easy to work with in the field. Even after 20 years of exposure, aluminum surfaces will maintain an attractive appearance. Call today and give the Simply Products Company the opportunity to help you with all of your installation and construction requirements.

Do you need :

  • A form for your concrete balcony or breezeway?
  • Your order shipped today from stock*?
  • An odd or custom design to meet your architectural specification?
  • Submittals with your bid?
  • A prototype fast?
  • Painted, anodized, or weeped, or filmed Tbar?
  • Flat face or drip edge Tbar?
  • Smooth face or pattern finish?
  • Galvanized or aluminum flashings?

We know you’ve found the right solution to all of these problems at one easy-to-shop concrete Tbar source. Our aluminum Tbar is lightweight, strong, and architecturally appealing.

Aluminum is much easier to install, consistent in shape, durable, and a cost-effective longer lasting alternative to wood, steel, or brake metal shapes.