In today’s business environment it behooves us to demonstrate our willingness, as concerned and conscientious citizens, to engage in every activity that allows us the opportunity to minimize our impact upon the environment. We must leave the following generations with a legacy of sustainability and an ethic that continues the process of accommodation with our personal needs and the reasonable use of resources.

We at Simply Products do our utmost, both personally in our daily lives as well as good corporate citizens, to adhere to the principles of “Leave No Trace”. This is a lifetime process that takes a true commitment to the belief that we do, and should have, a right to live and thrive but not at the expense of those less capable or fortunate.

LEED is but one aspect of living for the future. While a great amount of our materials are prime we can, when notified in advance of production, provide a client with materials that are recycled, identify the specific amount of recycled content, and document for inclusion in the certification process. The value of being able to move a project from Gold status to Platinum is invaluable and every effort on the part of your suppliers to engage in the process adds true value and benefit throughout the system.

Simply Products has allied itself with manufacturers who have achieved compliance with ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, and RoHS. One of our production facilities is in the final testing phase of using raw material extruded from 100% landfill-recovered aluminum using technologies developed specifically to reduce the energy cost of conversion. Our supply chain has committed resources to further reduce the carbon footprint in their process systems as corporate goals and responsibilities from the reduction of V O C emissions to their use of products with good life-cycle returns. Simply Products and its network of committed vendors will do our utmost to work only with like-minded companies for it is only through the efforts of all that we will achieve the goals set forth by LEED.

Larry D. West
Simply Products