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Extruded aluminum concrete t bar; no matter how you spell it: tbar, t-bar, t bar, or tee bar the results are the same; beautifully finished form work that maintains its appearance for a life time. Your balconies and breezeways will never look better than after using an environmentally safe aluminum extrusion from The Simply Products Company .

Our 25 years of extrusion design expertise and practical installation experience will help you with most field problems. The Simply Products Company  and its associates are well versed in aluminum extrusions and all the practical ways required to help a contractor meet the needs of architect or owner. Aluminum extrusions have proven to be the best means to help the applicator prepare for a pour as quickly as possible. Flexible, lightweight, and durable extruded concrete t bar will help you get off the job much faster! Our line of tbars includes flat face and drip edge of various sizes.

The Simply Products  team is fully capable of designing a product that will meet your specific needs whether it is an extended fascia, longer nailing fins, odd pour depths, or any combination of the above. Architectural details for pattern face finishes may also be incorporated where desired. Our extrusion tooling costs are very competitive and, when incorporated into the total job, will allow you to meet or exceed your client requirements for appearance, function, and cost.

Aluminum concrete t-bar is a non-ferrous extrusion and that means no ugly rust stains. The tbar becomes an integral form for the deck and gives the balcony a more finished look. Formed aluminum or steel flashing will not join as cleanly or effectively and, in most cases, is not as easy to work with in the field. Even after 20 years of exposure, aluminum surfaces will maintain an attractive appearance. Call today and give Simply Products  the opportunity to help you with all of your aluminum tbar requirements.

See our radically new Red Star“ SNAP-ON T ” solution for unsightly fascias !   

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Fantastic new standard colors in wood grain and brick finishes !

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Pour depths     1 ½”     2”    2 ½”   3”

Do you need :

  • a form for your concrete balcony or breezeway ?
  • your order shipped today from stock* ?
  • an odd or custom design to meet your architectural spec?
  • CAD drawing for submittal with your bid
  • a prototype fast?
  • Tbar painted, anodized, or weeped?
  • flat face or drip edge
  • smooth face or pattern finish

We know you’ve found the right solution to all of these problems at one easy-to-shop concrete Tbar source. Our aluminum Tbar is lightweight, strong, and architecturally appealing.

Aluminum is much easier to install, consistent in shape, durable, and a cost-effective longer lasting alternative to wood or break metal shapes.

E-mail, call, or fax  your request for a quote.

* standard sizes only


Why Use Aluminum ?

     The major advantages of using aluminum are tied directly to its remarkable properties. Some of these properties are outlined in the following sections.

Strength to Weight Ratio

     Aluminum has a density around one third that of steel and is used advantageously in applications where high strength and low weight are required. This includes vehicles where low mass results in greater load capacity and reduced fuel consumption.

Corrosion Resistance

     When the surface of aluminum metal is exposed to air, a protective oxide coating forms almost instantaneously. This oxide layer is corrosion resistant and can be further enhanced with surface treatments such as anodizing or painting.


     Aluminum is not only non-toxic but also does not release any odors or taint products with which it is in contact.

Environmental Considerations

     The aluminum industry is very conscious of the environmental impact of its activities. The mining and smelting of aluminum, plus the disposal of red mud can have a major environmental impact if not done properly. The industry is proud of its efforts and achievements in rehabilitating open cut mine sites and the restoring flora and fauna to these sites. Such efforts have been rewarded with awards from the United Nations Environment Program and red mud disposal areas are now being successfully re-vegetated.  Environmental requirements are met on pot line emissions through the use of specialist scrubbing system.


     The combination of two remarkable properties of aluminum makes the need to recycle the metal obvious. These first of these factors is that there is no difference between virgin and recycled aluminum. The second factor is that recycled aluminum only uses 5% of the energy required to produce virgin material. Currently around 60% of aluminum metal is recycled at the end of its lifecycle but this percentage can still be vastly improved.


     The properties of the various aluminum alloys has resulted in aluminum being used in industries as diverse as transport, food preparation, energy generation, packaging, architecture, and electrical transmission applications. Depending upon the application, aluminum can be used to replace other materials like copper, steel, zinc, tin plate, stainless steel, titanium, wood, paper, concrete and composites.

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