Extruded Aluminum Concrete Tbar; no matter how you spell Tbar, T-bar, T bar, or Tee bar the results are the same; beautifully finished balcony form work with a pour stop that maintains its appearance for a lifetime. Your balconies, breezeways, and stairs will never look better than after using an environmentally safe aluminum extrusion from Simply Products Company.

Our 32 years of extrusion expertise and practical installation experience will help you with most field problems. Simply Products Company and its associates are well versed in aluminum extrusions and all the practical ways required to assist a contractor to meet the needs of his architect or owner. Aluminum extrusions have proven to be the best means to help the applicator, waterproofer, or roofer prepare for a pour as quickly as possible. Flexible, lightweight, and durable extruded concrete Tbar will help you get off the job much faster! Our line of STOCKED Tbars includes flat face, drip edge, and self-drainable in various sizes from 1-1/2” to 4” pour depths.

The Simply Products team is fully capable of manufacturing or fabricating a product that will meet your specific needs whether it is an extended fascia, longer nailing fins, odd pour depth, or any combination of the above. Architectural details for pattern face finishes may also be incorporated where desired. Our extrusion tooling costs are very competitive and, when incorporated into the total job, will allow you to meet or exceed your client requirements for appearance, function, and cost.

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*standard sizes only